Drain Clog Repair

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Cost To Unclog Drain

Make an informed decision, what is the average cost to unclog a drain?

Clogged drains can range from a minor annoyance to a major plumbing complication. It can be difficult to predict what the cost to repair a clogged drain will be without knowing the full extent of your particular clog problem. The factors below will have an effect on the cost to unclog your drain.

  • Severity of Drain Clog – Some clogs are minor and can be cleared with a drain opening liquid like Drano, or a simple plunger. For more severe clogs you may need to call in a professional plumber like Papa’s Plumbing to snake your drain.
  • Amount of Clogs – If you have one clogged drain, then it is most likely a matter of hair or other small objects that have fallen down the drain. If there are multiple drains that are clogged, then the problem could be in the drain between the fixture and main line or branch drain line.
  • Removing parts & Reassembly – In some cases your toilet may need to be removed, or pipes below your sink will need to be taken apart. In cases such as these, the cost to repair a clogged drain will be higher. These type of issues typically signify a more complicated clog as well which will then contribute to the higher cost.

While the costs to unclog drains vary due to circumstances and by other companies varying rates, you can expect to pay about $100 to $250 to have your drain unclogged.